Maribojoc, Bohol


Maribojoc, Bohol — After the program was delayed by the double setbacks of the magnitude-7.2 earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan, the student beneficiaries of Pagnitoan National High School (PNHS) were finally able to take their loaned bikes home.

The students completed 8 days of training with the help of BfP volunteers Allan Bastasa and Carlton Styron. As the final step, the students were accompanied home and then accompanied to school the next day to make sure they were ready. They were also given t-shirts donated by Bikes for the World.

It used to take 3 hours for these students to walk to school. Now it takes only 1 hour. After this first batch of beneficiaries, more students from PNHS are waiting for their turn to train.

Baclayon, Bohol

Baclayon, Bohol — The BfP beneficiaries were invited to join the parade for the 416th Baclayon Foundation Day. Here they get to practice the lessons taught during training – Balance and Control, Tire Repair, Stop and Go, Shifting Gears, Standing up, and Riding a Hump.
Baclayon is the pilot location for BfP. The experience here has served as the basis for improving the implementation of the organization’s programs in other towns.