San Simon, Pampanga


San Simon, Pampanga — More than 80 students were chosen to be the bike beneficiaries for Concepcion Integrated School.  Concepcion Integrated School is the only school in the town of San Simon, Pampanga that has grade school and high school students all in one campus. Most of the students here would be siblings enrolled in different classes.

For this donation program most of the bike beneficiaries were siblings. Chosen sibling beneficiaries would walk with their siblings for more than hour to school through dusty and muddy rice fields to get to school. Since their younger siblings would be too small to keep up with them in walking to school, they would usually get to school longer and arrive late for class.

To help them get to school faster and keep them in school, Bikes for the Philippines has chosen several sibling beneficiaries for Concepcion Integrated School. Sibling beneficiaries would go to school together and support each other in making sure that they both stay in school and complete their education. By supporting sibling beneficiaries, no one in the family is left behind for their education and development.