What We Do

Learn about the foundation through the stories of two beneficiaries.

Sheila is from San Simon, Pampanga. She hasn’t given up on going to school, despite the hour-long walk and her challenging circumstances. Padyak Pangarap (Pedal Dreams) is her story. Aired on Good News, GMA News TV, 17 October 2016.

Zisa was a former out-of-school youth from Angono, Rizal. With the help of her bicycle, she returned to her studies and graduated at the top of her class despite her 5-kilometer, 1-hour daily walk to school.

Who We Are

A team of concerned individuals, based both in the U.S. and in the Philippines, working to bring donated, used bicycles to communities in need.

Our Mission

Help people improve their own lives by making it easier to get where they want to go, one bike at a time.

Our Vision

Bicycles as assets in Philippine communities that are educated, empowered, and environmentally-conscious.

Our Values

Road Safety

Student safety is important to us. We make sure that students use safety equipment and quality bikes to school. We teach them proper riding etiquette and road safety rules to ensure their safety while biking to school. We work with the local community like the local police, and traffic enforcers to guide and look after our bikers while they’re on the road.


We believe in empowering people with the opportunities to become productive members of society. We provide training and equipment for students to use their bikes. We engage the community in ensuring that students are able to use their bikes for their education and well-being.


We uphold values of truth, justice and integrity in our work and relations with others.  We abide by local ordinances and national legislation in education and safety of our beneficiaries.


We strongly support environmental-friendly transportation. We encourage the wise use of resources for others to benefit. Bicycles used are recycled bicycles that are retrofitted for beneficiary student use. These bicycles are required to be used and maintained to ensure that other students can benefit from the bike after the beneficiaries graduate.


Partnerships play an important role in what we do. We work closely with the community in identifying bike beneficiaries and ensuring sustainability of the program. We co-produce with government partners such as the Deped and the local school board to ensure compliance with education policies and programs and for monitoring of educational outcomes. We work with the private sector on key partnerships that will help us reach more students and provide our beneficiaries the resources to keep them in school.

How You Can Help